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Sonax 296200 Blue Polish & Wax Color NanoPro 500ml

Code: 296200-SAX

UPC: 4064700296206

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Sonax Polish & Wax Colour NanoPro Blue 500ml with Colour Pen 296200

Technical Specification

Brand: Sonax
Part Number: 296200
Quantity Supplied: 1 Unit
Polish with pigments and wax units on nanotechnology-based.
Cleans, colored and metallic paints are cleaned in a single, polished and preserved.
Minor scratches and paint damage are covered by the color pigments and protected against corrosion.
SONAX Polish & wax color gives the varnish bright color force, brilliant high gloss and weatherproof long-term protection through the tiny little Nano wax particles.
The SONAX Colorate (bottom cap of the bottle), can be also rockfalls and covering some deeper scratches. This prevents corrosion and rust.
The SONAX Colorate is suitable as well for all painted metal and plastic surfaces.

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