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SmartWAX 20101 SmartPolish Superior Finishing Polish 16 oz (473ml)

Code: 20101-OME

UPC: 892936001103

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SmartWAX 20101 - Smart Polish - Revives & Restores Any Automotive Finnish 16oz

Formulated to refine paint utilizing micro-fine polishing agents that quickly remove, not cover, mild imperfections, oxidation, scratches and swirls to restore and revive paint to pristine condition. SmartPolish premium blend of polymers and ace-cut powders delivers a superior finish on all surfaces while enabling the user to control the aggressiveness of the polish. SmartPolish can be used by hand as a paintwork cleanser and polish, and excels with machine use on tougher jobs. SmartPolish is body shop and clear coat safe, with no fillers, waxes or silicones; simply a pure premium polish formulated for the finest finish. Use SmartPolish as a paintwork cleaner on old, new and like-new paint finishes prior to application of a SmartWax or SmartSealant for a stunning, high gloss shine. SmartPolish is engineered to help eliminate swirl marks and surface imperfections that other products simply can't. The best way to maximize the shine of any surface is by properly preparing the surface before you apply your wax or sealant. SmartPolish is a true polish that actually removes imperfections and minor swirls, rather than just temporarily hiding them under waxes and fillers. SmartPolish is a premium paintwork cleaner specifically designed for excellent hand or machine application.

  • Restores light and dark paint to like-new condition with precious little time, effort and cost
  • Professional grade product without the astronomical price of brand name retail products
  • Silicone free one step high gloss polish leaves the surface shining like it was wet in one step
  • great for all paints, Plexiglas, glass, fiberglass, and plastics new and old
  • 100 percent clear coat safe
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